MAP Electrics offers a range of services tailored towards industrial manufacturing


Mains Power and Switchboards

Allow MAP to handle the install of your mains power and switchboards. MAP’s experience and expertise will ensure your switchboard meets the demands required to make sure all your equipment now and in the future will have the load capacity required.


Our expert electricians are always on-hand to service breakdowns and perform  both preventative and reactive maintenance on all types of machinery. Our team has a keen eye for critical thinking and troubleshooting. We can offer a 24 hour service, meaning your machinery is down for less time.


We can correctly & safely install, uninstall, relocate, & reinstall your machines to ensure they are online quickly and running efficiently. 


We upgrade your machinery, adding measurable boosts to safety, speed and quality. This ensures your machines are always operating on the cutting edge and meeting all safety standards


 Allow MAPs robotics Engineers tailor a solution for you, from pick and place Robots to Mobile Robots, we can help you increase efficiency by automating previously manual tasks.

Industrial Automation

Allow MAP electrics to automate your factory, with the ability to both upgrade existing PLC programs with new features and also install new systems that integrate into your current workflow. We specialise in Omron PLCs and can also work with any existing hardware you may have.